31 Day Blog Challenge

WELCOME to my new blog. I have decided to start my “MakeUp of Michelle” blog over, so please pardon the “bland” appearance. I am working to have my own domain and my own actual website, so until then, I will now be using Word press. In order to get back in the routine of blogging regularly, I decided to start this 31 day blog challenge. That means 1 post every day for 31 days— I mean, they say that it takes 21 days to build a habit, right??

And yes, in typical Michelle fashion, this post is up late which mean that there will actually be 2 posts going up today.

I am still going to be working on my “mommy” blog– A Constant Work In Progress at http://www.michellesdailydealings.blogspot.com Those posts will likely be weekly posts and will be up on Saturdays or Sundays beginning this weekend. Those posts will consist of all family related and kid updates. This blog will still be about the rest of who I am. The avid reader, the planner enthusiast, the makeup lover, the YouTube watcher, the wanna be runner, the self help obsessed….

Let’s just jump right in.

Today is Day 1 — Introduction and recent pic.

You just read your introduction, so here is your recent pic, taken on November 26, 2015- Thanksgiving Day and my 33rd Birthday!!!


Author: MakeupOfMichelle

Just a normal human- mom of 3, aspiring writer and yogi. Lover of all things self help, planning, inspirational. Always working to be the best version of myself and constant trying to learn how to be raw, real, and true to myself and all others. Welcome to my everlasting journey...

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