2017, it’s time to say goodbye…

2017 is only hours away from being over. Like most people, I like to look back on the past 12 months and reflect a little bit.  Honestly… The beginning of the year is sort of a blur to me. I know that I entered the New Year hoping for a great year of growth and transformation and I believe that I did achieve those goals.  Problem is … With growth and transformation comes shocking and not always good realizations about yourself.  Over the course of the past 12 months, I feel that the majority of my growth has come in these last 5 months or so.  It has been during this time that I have learned the most about myself, both good and bad.

I have incorporated yoga into my life more consistently.  I am hoping that 2018 will be the year that I practice at least 5-6 times a week.  Yoga has been the thing that helps me to feel grounded… And that is definitely needed for me since I am naturally so high strung.

2017 was the year that I gained back all of the weight that I lost in 2016.  When I first started to realize what I was doing to myself, I was angry… But towards the end of the year I have just realized that there is no point in being angry. I need to just make some changes regarding my eating and fitness and get myself back on the right track.  With the right choices I know that I can shed some of 2017 weight in 2018.

Toxic relationships are something that I struggle with ALL the time.  Every year I say that I am going to separate myself from anyone that I feel is toxic to me…and every year I fall short.  I have such a hard time letting go of things/people that no longer serve me.  I don’t know why it is so hard for me.  I don’t have a lot of friends to begin with and tend to just stick to myself …yet, a few of the people that I do interact just aren’t what I truly consider a friend.  I think they mean well, but they just aren’t really my friends… And I know that I need to respect both myself and them and end our ties. Maybe in 2018.

Real talk… I have learned some pretty crappy stuff about myself this year. I have learned about my resting bitch face,  my lack of confidence (OK, well I have known about that for a while),  and have let envy and comparison take a toll on me.  You see, I have watched some good friends do some amazing things in their lives this year… Changes in careers, leaving their comfort zones, opening new doors, slowly working out their master plans in life.  And it makes me so proud to call them my friends. I will support them and encourage them as much as I possibly can. And then come home at the end of the day and cry and feel sorry for myself that I am not working towards living my best life… Like what the hell? Why have I been allowing envy and comparison to bring out the worst in me and make me feel like I am not worth good things? I am capable of great things and in 2018 I plan to work towards greatness and happiness for the entire year!

I turned 35 towards the end of the year and that was probably the highlight of my year.35 is going to be an amazing, life changing year… I know it!  I am putting my best foot forward- escaping my comfort zone, practice yoga, spread kindness, volunteer my time for a greater good, stand up for myself and the things that I believe in regardless of how others may feel, and just live my BEST LIFE!

2017 has been a good year… But I am holding on to the fact that while 2018 may not be the best year yet( I have so many more years to experience) it will be a DAMN good one.  Here is to new beginnings!