Constantly learning from your children….

I often write about heavy stuff.  You know what I mean, the things that make you question, the things that piss people off, or things that people feel you shouldn’t discuss.  I choose to write about these things because sometimes you need to read various opinions to remember that yours isn’t the only one out there.

But sometimes, you just need to let it go. Swat away the heavy and allow yourself to be immersed into something light.  In the moment, my something light would be my children, well, that and binge watching something on Netflix or Hulu, but today lets talk about the kids.

My kids are something else! They frustrate me and make me want to pull my hair out, but often, they make me laugh or at the very least smile.  And they are constantly forcing me to learn and grow.  They often keep me from taking myself so seriously and push me to be great.  They do for me, what I ultimately feel I am supposed to do for them.  They are teaching me and helping learn about myself while watching them on their own personal journey.  I am constantly learning more about people, simply by paying attention to my kids.

Madison, the almost 16 year old, is hilarious. We butt heads often, but she can make me laugh to the point of almost peeing on myself (don’t judge, my pelvic muscles are lacking a bit after the birth of three babies and no kegel exercises).  She is quick witted and has a comeback for everything- which only works in her favor when she is being funny, not in the middle of an argument.  She always reminds me to stop criticizing myself.  And for a teenage girl growing up in the midst of such conflicting body image influences across social media and in “real life”, that is quite an accomplishment.  She has reminded me that I do not know the answers to everything and that I cannot compare my children to myself.  Because of her, I am brought back to what it was like to be a teenager in what was a much easier time and am forced to be aware of how difficult those years are regardless of the time.  And if you were having looking for the definition of humble, just look at Madison.  This young woman is talented beyond belief and practically everything she attempts to do, she excels at, and yet she still manages to have the most level headed and humble character ever.  Never boasting about her accomplishments or putting people down because of their failures.  She is about as sensitive as they come and is coming to terms with that quite quickly as she is evolving.  She is the master of doing things outside of her comfort zone.  Sometimes she needs a little nudge, but the minute she taken the dive, nothing can stop her.  She is

Myles, the 10 year old trapped in a 60 year old man’s body is wise long beyond his years.  This little boy is drawn to all things old school and basketball.  He challenges my mind daily.  He is the one that always reminds me that I am exactly where I need to be in the minute. He can put me in my place in a way that isn’t disrespectful and actually makes ME respect HIM more.  And his love for learning is so admirable.  When he cares about something, he really puts his soul into it. This is how he has managed to excel in playing the saxophone and the piano and why he uses free time practicing basketball.  I mean, maybe he is the next Lebron James.  Maybe  not, but he probably has just as much drive as that man and way more than I can ever imagine.  I mean, come on, it takes me weeks before I post a blog post.He researches things and feel s the need to share his knowledge with a anyone willing to listen.  Don’t believe me, just ask him about basketball players from the 80’s and 90’s or about some old school Latin jazz or salsa musicians. I can assure you, he knows more than you knew was possible.  Myles knows what it is like to be the underdog and still practices the act of forgiveness on a level that even bypasses me.  He is extremely intense and acknowledges his emotions better than most adults. And when it comes to special events, this little boy knows a thing or two about wearing ties and 3 piece suits. (And trust  me, he did not get this from his father)

And Mayci, my 7 (almost 8) year old free spirit.  This little girl exudes everything that I could even dream to be.  She walks to the beat of her own drum and almost always smiles.  She has one of the kindest hearts and experiences her emotions to the fullest.  She is gentle with herself and is willing to try anything.  She is has the best fashion sense ever- if she like the way it looks, then it is a style and looks good.  She reminds me that you cannot measure love on a daily basis and explains that this is why she doesn’t haven a favorite parent, grandparent, or sibling.  Her memory is impeccable and she always wants to make me happy(okay, maybe that one is just because she doesn’t want to see me flip, but I’ll take it).  Mayci is my little old lady. She loves to cook, clean, serve others, wear a bun on the top of her head and walk around with a robe on and a cup of coffee(well, hot chocolate although she does drink coffee every now and again).  And if you have had the pleasure of meeting her- you will fall in love.

How is it that my 3 little people have taught  me so much in the short times they have been in my lives.  They are not always my favorite people, but boy do they have a shit ton to offer.

If you are struggling with lessons on love, life, trying harder, making someone laugh, remaining humble, being the life of the party, practicing until it hurts, taking care of family, etc………. Let me know.  I will let you borrow one of my kids for minute. Trust me- they have a great deal to offer and the world is a much better place because of these kiddos.

So the next time I am complaining about them or writing a post about the way they get under skin, if you could kindly direct back to this post- I would appreciate it.  As their mom, I sometimes lose sight of all their gifts and get stuck in the negative….Listen, this mom shit ain’t easy!

In all things find beauty,